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CBBC Extra Blog - 5th March 2011

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Heeeeeeeey yoooooou guuuuuuys!

Hope you've all had an ace week back at school. After all pf the half term madness, I was so ready to pop my uniform on and go back to covering the Romans in history class.

Then I remembered that I'm all grown up and that. I don't even have a school uniform anymore. Yet still I wasted an evening doing some homework.


Anyhoo, last week we had a right old LOL with Project Parent's own Darren Kennedy! He's recorded some very spevial sketches with London & I that put her 'London's Line Up' fashion tips to shame! And he gets to make me over...into a gold wearing grandad! Keep an eye out for that!

Did you catch him with Iain in the afternoon too? He gave Hacker's Mum a make over so that she could find a boyfriend. Don't tell her, but I thought she looked a wee bit scary. Dogs wearing dresses? It's just plain strange! I don't know any dog in their right mind that would do it...I know Hacks & Dodge do it a lot, but those two are loopy!

Oh! Ed & Oucho fans need to keep an eye out the weekend of the 5th 6th coz the duo make little appearances with London & I! Oucho's popping up for a quick gag and Ed's supposed to be heading in for a chat about All Over The Place!

Let's hope that Alife the Taxi Driver doesn't get lost on the way to the Office...

Till next time folks...Scooooby Doooby Dooooooo...oh wait, that's not my catchphrase, is it? Oh. I know!