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CBBC Extra Blog - 19th February 2011

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Hellooooo you lovely CBBC Extra lot, how in the name of Steve Backshall are you? As per usual, I'm here to lay out a tasty gossip buffet and hand you a hot plate of backstage treats. This week I shall fill your in on some filming that went down with me...and the one and only Joe Swash!
See, we had the lovely fella in to make some televisual magic with us this week and - as the star of Gimme A Break & All Over The Place - he was definitely up for what we had in store! You maybe have cught him in the afternoon with Iain & Dodge, or perhaps popping into the weekend with London & I.
Keep your eyeys peeled for CBBC Extr, coz I get to meet him for a special one-on-one! That's right, The King of the Jungle meets The Man with the Moonface in a one off CBBC Extra event. Witness as Joe visits the infamous CBBC Extra basement!
Marvel at my daring escapades when offering Mr Swash a tasty Pasty to eat! Swoon at the very thought of the deadly basement trifle leftovers! Behind the scenes of course was much less werid, and a load of fun to boot.
Joe is an absolute diamond and a joy to work with, so give him a massive round of applause next time you catch him on your tellybox! Right, I'm off to finish eating that trifle, but don't you dudes and dudettes forget about watching All Over The Place Weekends 10.00 on CBBC and Gimme A Break Weekdays 5.45 on CBBC (In Correct CBBC format) Make sure to catch then right here on CBBC. And keep your questions coming in to
Much love,
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