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CBBC Extra Blog - 12th February 2011

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Brace yourselves My CBBC Extra lovelies, as of next're in control! It's The CBBC Takeover!

All holiday-long the shows are jam-packed with set ups and scenarios where the adults have no say in the matter whatsoever.

That's sometimes a bad thing, sometimes a good thing.

Like in Project Parent, the kids get to set their single mum or dad up with a date and give them a proper lush makeover too! Pretty sweet, huh?

But in Remote Control Star, JK & Joel help the guys get the ultimate prank together... and throw in a celebrity or two for good measure! Funny stuff be sure to catch it on Tuesdays 5:50 on CBBC!

All of them are pretty fun, to be honest. Cop School, Trade Your Way to the USA...but one's not so fun...more like scary!

It's called 'The Sparticle Mystery', and is a brilliant sci-fi drama about a day when all of the world's grown-ups just vanish into thin air.

It's like a brilliant mix of Tracy Beaker Returns & The Sarah Jane Adventures, and it's on Thursdays 6.20 on CBBC!

Want to know anything about our new shows? Ask me a question at and I'll do my best to answer them.