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CBBC Extra Blog - 5th February 2011

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Hellooooooo you lovely lot. You’ve taken the time & the trouble to press the Red Button & make your way here to CBBC Extra. Well done you

To reward your wonderful action, I shall share some CBBC secrets with you. Brace yourselves; we’re travelling to ‘gossip city’!

Recently, the Big Big Cheese has given me a bunch of very special DVDs to watch…all of them containing episodes from brand new shows! As a CBBC presenter, it’s a big part of my job to know what cool new things are on the channel, so I watch as much telly as I can to learn all about our programmes.

But this was extra special, as I was getting to watch BRAND NEW SHOW that haven't even been on telly yet! There's a wicked new show called COP SCHOOL, where a group of young wannabe-police officers are put through their paces by an ex-copper and taught how to deal with criminals and police.

Imagine The Big Performance, but instead of Gareth Malone there's a muscley chap in a leather jacket, and instead of singing the kids have to handcuff dangerous blokes and read them their rights. Scary stuff!

But really very cool, and getting to see how much work goes in to law enforcement is mind-blowing.

Then there's DICK & DOM GO WILD, which sees the boys taking on the daunting task of diving face-first into the wonderful world of wildlife.

And last but not least is my mate Ed Petrie returning to CBBC with his brand new show ALL OVER THE PLACE, Horse-face himself will travel around the country checking out the weird and the wonderful sights of the UK with some very familiar faces!

It doesn't start till next month. and I have to keep a bit quiet about it but I will say this - expect Johny Pitts dressed as a tiger running a race, Iain riding on a camel, Holly Walsh leaping around the Giant's Causeway, London being kidnapped by a giant cone-climbing gorilla & Ed returning to our screens in a glorious fashion bringing a heap-load of new songs and sketches with him! It's amazing!

So for more gossip, keep checking back to CBBC Extra. We're just a red button away!