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CBBC Extra Blog - 22th January 2011

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Y’alright, our kid?


Or, in other words, ‘hello, how are you?’


It’s been a great week here at CBBC for new shows, there’s SO MANY on the way! Sadie J’s kicked off (Fridays 5.25), ‘Sorry I’ve Got No Head’ spin-off comedy series Pixelface is part of Wednesday’s comedy hour (5:45) & Ore’s Match Of The Day: Kick about is your new source of sporty goodness Saturday (7:35, 1 on the CBBC Channel, 11:45 on BBC Two). And don’t forget to look out for Project Parent & Remote Control Star, coming soon to the channel!


Plus we’ve had so many cool shows returning to CBBC with news series, including the unbeatable Tracy Beaker Returns on Friday 4:30, the unstoppable M.I. High on Mondays 5:15…and the on I’m here to talk about…the new series of THE LEGEND OF DICK AND DOM, every Wednesdays at 5:15pm!


I’ve watched Dick & Dom pretty much since I was wee and little and that, and used to love Da Bungalow. It was the best way to spend a Saturday & Sunday morning (after watching me & London, of course).


So I was so happy when Da Dick & Dom Dairies/Diaries/Whatever began on CBBC, coz I could watch all of those best bits all over again!


Then Diddy Dick & Dom came back too, then their new Saturday Show Dick and Dom’s Funny Business (ever Saturday at 9.00), which is just brilliant by the way. And now a third run of The Legend of Dick & Dom?!!! Awesome! The first episode was great!


And – here’s the gossip – I’ve heard that this isn’t the last of Dick & Dom this year, so if you want more, then it’s on the way. Brace yourself!


Till next week, you lovely lot…