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CBBC Extra Blog - 15th January 2011

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Helloooooo my little Chrisettes! Salute!

That doesn't really work, does it? Let's say 'hello my little friends', and leave it at that. I'll start again.

Helloooooo my little friends!
See, that was much better, wasn't it? Eh? EH!? Yeah it was!

So what do y'all think of the new Tracy Beaker Returns? It was past awesome, I mean sure Liam's slightly squeaky voice took me by surprise, but it's an ace way to kick-start this year on CBBC.

One thing I'm beyond excited about is the return of THE LEGEND OF DICK & DOM!

It's up very soon with a brand new third series, and I cannot wait to wrap my eyeballs around it.

The last series ended on a wee bit of a cliff-hanger, but will the princes, their trusty mag Mannitol & light-fingered Lutin snatch the antidote back from the wicked Beastmaster? You'll have to tune in to find out.

The best part is that there's even more new Dick and Dom goodness each week!

Catch their hillarious show Dick & Dom's Funny Business on BBC Two & the CBBC Channel every Saturday from 9.00!

Anyway I'm going to have to split; London's  lost another earring, it's all go in the CBBC Office!

Laters, my lovelies!
Chris x