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CBBC Extra Blog - 1st January 2011

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…Sorry…I can’t type very fast… coz I’m full of…mince pies…


I have eaten so much this last week! All of that Christmas dinner …and then a buffet on Boxing Day! I can barely stand, I’m that stuffed with festive treats and sweets!


Now though, besides setting a New Year’s resolution to lose all of my mince pie weight, I’m here to give you a sneak peak into our New Year surprises!


Coming up on CBBC this fine month of January, we’re going to unveil some brand new shows, including ‘Project Parent’, ‘Remote Control Celebrity’ and the eagerly-anticipated brand new series of ‘Tracy Beaker Returns’! We’ve got some lovely snippets of that on the way here on CBBC Extra, plus lots of Tracy B treats on the CBBC Channel too!


If you’re curious about ‘Project Parent’, then make sure to tune in to CBBC Extra in early January …coz Andy Mann is back! This time he’s hassling presenting legend Angelica Bell and the poor kids who featured in an episode of the series. NOT one to miss.


Right, I’m off to work on cleaning up after the Xmas and New Year festivities…maybe you can help me. What traditions do you like to keep going around this time of year? Let me know on and I’ll talk about my favourite responses next week!


Till next time Chris-ettes,