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CBBC Extra Blog - 11th December

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Ho ho helloooooooooooo, team!
Hope you're all excited about Christmas being just around the corner, I know I am! Well, I do have an awful lot of shopping to do, and a to do list the size of the London Eye, but apart from that I'm really quiet excited!!
The Christmas celebrations are still on full throttle here at CBBC, with guest stars coming in left, right and centre! Steve Backshall, Dani Harmer... even a certain talking cactus are all making appearances over December. And look out for Dodge's big Christmas adventure, which will be playing on CBBC near Christmas day itself. The little fella will be joined on his journey by Hacker, a magical sprout and some rather helpful talking bins!
We've got some tasty back to back line ups too, starting nearer the last week of December, including CBBC favourites like MI High, The Sarah Jane Adventures, The Legend of Dick & Dom, Tracy Beaker Returns, and many more! I've had a look at the Big Big Cheese's telly listings and it's looking awesome! So whilst the winter winds rage outside, you'll have plenty of amazing shows to keep you happy and warm.
Another thing I'm really looking forward to is the Horrible Histories Christmas Special, which promises to be the biggest Christmas treat CBBC has ever had! It's like having an extra history lesson in your holidays - only it's hilarious and has really gross bits! Keep 'em peeled for when it's on your telly box, peeps!
Off I pop to get more surprises planned and special scenes recorded. So until next week, stay safe, stay happy... and check out Ask Chris Anything, right here on Extra!