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CBBC Extra Blog - 4th December

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My word! Have you seen the snow?

Sorry, I'll start again.

Hello! My my, isn't it snowy this week?

Just before writing this I was walking along wand slipped on some black ice on the pavement. I hurt my arm and fell on my bum. Ouch! Make sure you all watch your step out there! I'll certainly be more careful!

Despite slips and bumps, there's plenty of fun to be had in the snow. Snowball fights, for instance, are EPIC! And the amount of snowmen I've been around London has been brilliant, so many of them in front gardens and on fields!

But snow nearly stopped CBBC in its tracks this week! Get this gossip: London and I sometimes record bits of our weekend sketches during the week (like our Dani's Mouse show) so that we can show them to you on Saturday and Sunday. We were all set to record the coming weekend's Dani's Mouse sketch when London rang the CBBC office. All of the trains from her ara had been cancelled because of the heavy snow! I managed to get into work fine, but Miss London was stranded!

Whilst we here at CBBC Towers frantically planned how to get on with the recording without London, the lady herself was trying to find any way of making it to work on time.

All seemed lost... for about ten minutes!

Panic was over in no time, Londonettes! She found a way! And the day went ahead as planned! Though all around, schools are closing 'coz if the snow... Did yours close? Mine never closed for snow when I went. That would've been brill!

We've got a massive sack of Xmas treats on the way that we're recording now, including a 5 part adventure about everyone's favourite big eared tiny dog - Dodge!

So keep 'em peeled for that and look out for some amazing guest appearances.

Right, my lips are sealed from this point on. Not because I don't want to give anything away, but because they've iced over in the cold!

See you at the weekend, gang.

And tell me all about your snow stories on the CBBC Message Boards! Head to then click on 'Chris and London's Ramble of the Week'!