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CBBC Extra Blog - 27th November

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S'up, peeps?
The Christmas plans are well underway here at CBBC! Our office plans are set and our... er, 'set' is ready to be built. But enough about that - that bit of juicy gossip will have to wait. Though I can tell you all about a certain guest star that we've been recording with this week.
King of the jungle himself, Steve Backshall, has been into visit us and has recorded some very funny sketches with Hacker and Dodge!
The first one's a big comedy skit, set during a story that'll be on the CBBC Channel over the Christmas hols. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that it's a five part tale featuring Dodge on his own holiday-themed adventure!
And Steve will also be making a cameo appearance this coming weekend as part of my last 'Through the Bushes' sketch, but will we get to meet the great man himself?
As Live 'n' Deadly comes to a close, I've gotta say how amazing it has been. The team working on it were so dedicated and Steve and Naomi told us so much about the great wildlife that lives right here in the UK. He's hoping it returns for a new series in the next year!
And how cool was it to see CBBC legend Mr Ed Petrie return to visit on Sam and Mark's TMi Friday! He popped along to say hello as his new show has just finished recording, so he had a spare day to vist CBBC and fill us in on the gossip. Expect more news on his show, 'All Over the Place', very soon!
Well that's it for now, team. I don't want to tell you too much, that'll spoil the surpises.
Keep your eyes on CBBC Extra because we've got plenty of Xmas exclusives to get your tastebuds tingling in the coming weeks!