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CBBC Extra Blog - 20th November

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Hey everybody! How y'all doing? Good I hope.
It's been another hetic week here at CBBC towers, with loads of plans getting under way for our Christmas celebrations! We've got at least one bauble ready, so that's a start.
Ooh, but here's a bit of juicy gossip for ya - have you spotted the trailers for the new series of Tracy Beaker Returns?
It looks wicked, doesn't it? Good to see the gang back for another go at terrorising the Dumping Ground.
But here's the exciting bit! To celebrate the return of Tracy Beaker to the CBBC Channel, we're recording some hilarious sketches with the show's leading lady, Dani Harmer!
Iain has worked with her before when Tracy Beaker Returns launched eariler this year. London is the biggest Tracy Beaker fan around.
Expect sparks to fly and silliness to kick in when she finds out that Dani plays Tracy. She's never worked it out before.
And even though I won't be in the sketches, I'll definitely pop down to the studio we're recording in to get the gossip and perhaps grab myself an autograph from Dani.
Expect all of the details in either next week's blog, or the one after. Keep your eyes peeled, team!
Well, I'm off to buy another bauble & maybe some tinsel. See ya at the weekend, guys!