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Chris' Ramble of the Week - 2nd July 2010

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Summertime is nearly here! But the joy doesn't start yet. Fact of the matter is that most of you have recently sat, are in the middle of sitting, or are about to sit…EXAMS!!!!!!!

End of term tests, S.A.T.s, G.C.S.E.s - they're all a bunch of big, boring, bothersome fun-stoppers, aren't they? Around about the same time you're buying your swimming gear and stocking up on sun cream, you're also revising like crazy. It's like going out to a posh restaurant for a pizza, but having to learn how to speak Italian first! Imagine that, if you had to take a test to eat your pizza. The pepperoni could be organised into a join-the-dots pattern, like some kind of art exam, or the amount of slices per person could be decided by solving an algebraic equation! Even your waiter would patrol through the tables, making sure you weren't peeking at another persons' pizza to see what they were doing!

I suppose exams are quite helpful though, coz they help you realise how much you really know. I remember that when I was really tiny I couldn't understand any times table after 10 because they were all big numbers! But with a lot of practice and a bit more revision I got it in the end. Doing tests helped me realise what I needed to improve upon. Apart from art, where I was just awesome from the start! smiley - smiley

But at least after all is over, the summer hols will be here! I'm gonna enjoy the sun and spread the fun every morning, coz me and lil' ol' Dodge T. Dog will be on your telly box every weekday morning to get the holidays off with a BANG! :-P

So, are you working through exams? Or have you just finished your tests and are ready for fun? And best of all, what are you looking forward to this summer holiday?

Get rambling!!!