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Chris' Ramble of the Week - 25th June 2010

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Well, everyone, I'm upset. Do you know why? Of course you do! Don't you?

What do you mean, 'no?!’ I'm sad because Saturday 26th June is ED PETRIE's last day in the CBBC Office! That's right, the man, the myth, the legend, is flying the coop and off to pastures new. He's had quite a reign as the King of CBBC, hasn't he?

When I started here at CBBC back in January, Oucho had sent me to take care of Mr. Petrie in his absence. And boy, did he need looking after - I found him playing table tennis with a yucca plant! One that couldn't talk, I might add. He was an absolute wreck, and it was my job to get him on track. I guess I've achieved my mission… if only by being there when he needed to pie someone in the face.

But he hasn't always been chatting to inanimate objects - who could forget the mighty Oucho! What a little legend in his own right! The team of Ed & Oucho will echo down the telly hallways of time; future generations will sing songs of their invention-making escapades and tell tales of their aerial hi-jinks aboard a big blimp. From Big Debates to the birth of The Shredder, that man and cactus combo brought a lot more laughter into our lives.

The fun didn't stop when these two went their own ways, either. That's where I came in! Ed's taught me a lot about being a presenter, and despite throwing my Doctor Who toys around, pranking me during my rambles, eating my snacks and smacking me with a large comedy boxing glove from time to time, he's become a great friend.

Whatever he's up to, I wish him the very best. Why don't you ramble a bit yourself, and tell me what your favourite Ed moment is? There's loads to choose from.

Get rambling!

Hang on… who's gonna present with me?!!!