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Chris' Ramble of the Week - 18th June 2010

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So what do we think of DICK & DOM, eh? What a week we’ve had with them in charge of the office! I have no idea how Dodge has coped, he must be a tougher little fella than I give him credit for. Those two can be a handful!

Granted of course, they are absolute legends. That’s what ‘The Legend of Dick & Dom’ is about – them being legends. Well, not them exactly, more like ye olde world fairytale versions of them. Who behave just as naughty as the real Dick & Dom do. So I guess it really is them…maybe.

Either way, it’s a very funny show. The things they get up to! Lucky their quest to the office wasn’t filled with peril, coz there’s plenty of it here already! Dodge can get quite cranky when he’s not had his breakfast, much grumpier than any troll could ever be. And dark magic’s nothing compared to the wrath of Iain when his hair’s not styled properly.

The office isn’t too unlike ‘Da Bungalow’, I think. Sure we may not receive visits from the Prize Idiot, or Detective Inspector Harry Batt (and I’m pretty sure we don’t have a monster in our toilet), but there’s been enough Creamy Muck Muck thrown in my face since I’ve been here at CBBC to make me an official Bungalow Head!

I think they’ve done a grand job this week in the office, but it’ll be good to see Iain return. But he’s not the only one coming back to CBBC…coz Hacker’s back!

Excited to see the furry little fella back? Ready for the triple team that is Iain, Hacker & Dodge? And what did you think of Dick & Dom’s office antics? Get rambling!