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Chris' Ramble of the Week - 4th June 2010

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Good day!

So, did ya watch the brand new HORRIBLE HISTORIES? It’s brill, isn’t it? I loved every second! Which is great coz there’s still more to come every Tuesday afternoon from next week.

Then again, isn’t Horrible Histories educational? Doesn’t that mean that every Tuesday after school, you’re coming home and doing some more learning? I’m just glad that Horrible Histories is really funny too, coz it’d be terrible if it was too educational. Before you know it, your teacher’s hiding in your mashed potatoes during dinner, ready to spring out and give you an on-the-spot history test! “Who was the fifth wife of Henry VIII? Answer and I might consider letting you have pudding tonight!”

Teachers in your mash, that’s a scary thought. Almost as scary as what those Vikings got up to. All that thieving and pillaging! You wouldn’t be too happy if a big bearded bloke with horns in his hat came and pinched all your stuff then burnt down your hut! Mind you, if you’re living in a hut, hanging around with Vikings, you’re probably from back in them days, way, waaaaaaay back in time. In which case, you wouldn’t have a computer, so you wouldn’t be able to read this. But just in case you can, AVOID THOSE CRAZY VIKINGS!!!

Not all of history is horrible, though. I’m sure that being an Ancient Egyptian would have been pretty cool! All that sun, the great views, the interesting wildlife. Taking a walk on the desert dunes, admiring the vultures, the rattlesnakes, the scorpions…actually, being an Ancient Egyptian would have been pretty horrible. Never mind.

But enough of my nonsense – you get enough of that every weekend from 8am with Ed & me; what do you guys think about the new Horrible Histories? Get rambling!