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CBBC Extra Blog - 6th November

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Good day to ya all here at CBBC Extra!
The CBBC Office is back in business! After monsters and madness, and even some Halloween badness, things seem to be settling into normality - Iain's back with Hacker, Dodge is causing mischief throughout the weekdays AND the weekends, and London & I are as daft as ever.
So thank goodness Halloween went by smoothly as well, and I've had some awesome tales of your night of terror sent in! I wanted to know what creepy costumes you were planning, and Anna had my favourite choice of monster in mind - a zombie! She said she created her ghoulish outfit:
"I cut and ripped up a white t-shirt, put mud on it and then covered the rips with fake blood!" Sounds really gory!
What a wicked idea, huh? Anna, I salute your scare tactics! Hope you all had a good time last weekend :-)
However, I have the feeling things will never be 'normal' here at CBBC - I mean, just this week Hacker & Iain received a bunch of parcels that each contained some kind of nonsense! And London and I are due to spend a day raising a baby chick into a fully grown cockerel! But what I wanna know this week is this: What do you love most about the CBBC Office?
Is it how werid our days can be? Is it the team of presenters and canines? Or is it the simple fact that we're here to make you LOL after school and at the start of your Saturdays and Sundays?
The coolest, funniest responses will get into next week's blog! So email 'em in to
Right, I'm off to run a flea-comb through Dodge's ears. He's got an itch, poor thing.
This is Chris, signing out!

Please note: This is a archive, so the CBBC Extra email question might not be the current one.