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CBBC Extra Blog - 30th October

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Yo yo yo, the peeps of CBBC Extra! How's it going?
It's been one hectic week, but exciting nonetheless! Having a monster in the CBBC Office was both a challenge and a pleasure.... but mostly a challenge! It was cool that you guys got to name him, and Borris was a fun addition to the Sarah Jane Monster Holiday! But behind the scenes here at CBBC things, weren't so smooth for our big purple pal.
First of all, our prop making team had to spend ages creating those awesome, detailed monster legs that you all could see on camera, we had to find a way of fitting them into the office without getting in the way of the presenters!
Loads of work goes into creating the amazing bits and bobs that make CBBC as weird and wacky as it is, so the behind the scenes task of bringing Borris to life was tough but great fun. We had legs built, as well as an arm, a Monster Flea to come off his fur.... and even an armpit which is really gross, so make sure you look out for it on Halloween weekend with London and I!
It's really exciting to have Hacker back, though he and Dodge are fighting over their kennel/lock up again! But having two dogs in the office once more is ace; we've really missed the multiple barks!
Hacks has said he has an amazing time on Scoop, which is still going out on Wednesdays, and it's all brand new! If you're a Sky viewer, watch out for an exclusive look at Hacker's work on the show right here on the red button.
What I want to know about from you guys and gals this week is if you're getting up to any Halloween fun this year? Are you having a party? Are you going trick or treating? And do you have an awesome costume ready to wow all your friends? Tell me all about it at
And pop over to Ask Chris Anything, coz I've had some new questions sent in to tackle!
Happy haunting, team!
Chris x

Please note: This is a archive, so the CBBC Extra email question might not be the current one.